The Texas Chapter has passed the following resolutions and position statements during its history. Please take a look and see how we stand on the issues. If you think an issue deserves consideration by the Chapter, please contact the Executive Board or the Resolutions committee.

In addition, our parent organization has passed numerous resolutions and policy statements that we support. Please take a look at these to see where The Wildlife Society stands on issues.

Contact your State Representative

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Passed Resolutions and Statements (newest at top):

RESOLUTION: A Resolution in Support of the Work of the Blue Ribbon Panel on Sustaining America’s Diverse Fish and Wildlife Resources
RESOLUTION: A Resolution in Opposition of a Border Wall That Restricts Free Movement for Wildlife Populations
POSITION STATEMENT: Standing Position on Workforce Diversity within the Texas Chapter of The Wildlife Society
RESOLUTION: Off-Road Vehicle Use of Riparian Areas in Texas
RESOLUTION:Importation of North American Cervidae into Texas
RESOLUTION: Privatization of Wildlife
POSITION STATEMENT: Lesser Prairie Chicken Conservation
POSITION STATEMENT: Opposition to Pending Deer Management Legislation
RESOLUTION: Enabling Legislation for the Powers of the Initiative and Referendum
RESOLUTION: Use of Fire as a Management Tool
RESOLUTION: Bottomland Hardwoods Conservation
RESOLUTION: Grazing as a Management Tool
RESOLUTION: Understanding Between the Texas Department of Transportation and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
RESOLUTION: Endangered Species Act
RESOLUTION: Opposition to the Proposed Red Riverways Shreveport to Daingerfield Channel
RESOLUTION: Affiliation with The Responsible Use of Animals Coalition
RESOLUTION: Use of Hazardous Chemicals for the Harvest of Rattlesnakes
RESOLUTION: Protection of Sub-tropical Tamaulipan Thornbrush and Riparian Habitat in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas
RESOLUTION: Texas Rivers Protection Act
RESOLUTION: Bottomland Hardwoods Conservation
RESOLUTION: Rangeland/Wildlife Management Funded by a Low-level Radioactive Waste Disposal Site
RESOLUTION: Proposed Budget Reductions to the United States Conservation Service
RESOLUTION: Mowing of Highway Rights-of-Ways
RESOLUTION: Impounding of the Wallop/Breaux Fund
POSITION STATEMENT:Use of Lead Shot for Waterfowl Hunting
RESOLUTION: In Support of House Bill 1 Granting TPWD Authority for All Wildlife Management
RESOLUTION: Texas Water Code
RESOLUTION: State Waterfowl Stamp Funds
RESOLUTION: Federal Public Lands
RESOLUTION: Cooperative Wildlife and Fishery Research Units
RESOLUTION: Review of TPWD Operations
RESOLUTION: Cooperative Applied Forestry Act of 1976
RESOLUTION: Channelization and Straightening of the Rio Grande Below El Paso, Texas
RESOLUTION: Federally Funded Water Development Projects in Texas
RESOLUTION: Federal Aid in Nongame Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act

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