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The Sponsorship Committee of the Texas Chapter of The Wildlife Society (TCTWS) Annual Meeting would like to extend an invitation to companies, agencies, organizations and individuals interested in sponsoring the TCTWS annual meeting.

Sponsorship Form

The TCTWS was formed in the mid 1960’s and strives to be the acknowledged source of scientific information and expertise concerning wildlife biology and management in Texas. The TCTWS is the largest TWS Chapter in the United States and we anticipate that annual meeting attendance will continue to climb.  We currently average 600 – 800 attendees. We know that our ability to put on a high quality meeting at a reasonable cost is dependent on contributions from our supporters, so we have established several mechanisms to demonstrate our appreciation for the generosity of our sponsors.

How Sponsorships Benefit TCTWS:
Our goal and commitment is to provide an affordable, high quality meeting based on our belief that a well-priced meeting with an outstanding program will increase attendance and thus, scientific and professional exchange between a diverse group of professionals and students involved in wildlife conservation and management. Your sponsorship donations will help us to achieve our goals.

How Sponsorship Benefits You:
We know no better way to say “thank you” to our sponsors than to recognize and acknowledge the generosity of our sponsors to registered and prospective meeting attendees.

The sponsorship committee has established several mechanisms to acknowledge contributions that contribute to the success of the TCTWS Annual Meeting. For example, all of our sponsors will be recognized in the meeting program and website. At certain levels of sponsorship, we also will provide you with a number of opportunities to highlight your organization’s mission, expertise, services, products, specialties, or work in the environmental, wildlife and conservation fields and to send several individuals from your organization to participate in this conference.

For a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization, your sponsorship contribution to the TCTWS  annual meeting also is tax deductible.

Sponsorship Opportunities and Needs:
As we continue to plan and finalize the technical, social, and business events of the TCTWS  Annual Meeting, we will revise and add more information at the meeting website. However, as you consider our invitation to sponsor the TCTWS Annual Meeting, we hope the following list of potential sponsorship opportunities and needs helps you make your decision to be a part of this event.

  • General Meeting Support
  • Morning and afternoon Breaks
  • President’s Reception
  • Pre-Banquet Cocktail Hour
  • Awards Banquet
  • Poster Sessions
  • Student-Mentor Mixer
  • Student Breakfast
  • Past President Luncheon
  • Quiz Bowl, Plant Id and Photo Contests
  • Plenary Session
  • Workshop & training sessions
  • Audio Visual Support
  • Website & Outreach Support

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