Clarence Cottam Award

The Clarence Cottam Award is given to recognize and promote outstanding student research.  Papers and presentations at the Texas Chapter Annual Meeting will be judged for significance and originality, creativity of research design and implementation, quality of methodology, validity of conclusions, and neatness and conformity to Journal of Wildlife Management (JWM) style and format.

A $500 scholarship is given to the winner by the Welder Wildlife Foundation. Second and third prizes will be awarded if more than 6 papers are accepted, and are sponsored by the Texas Chapter. A maximum of eight papers will be included in the competition; excess submissions will be included in the regular sessions.

Cottam Papers require two abstracts: one abbreviated abstract and one extended abstract. Deadline for receipt of abstracts is November 30, 2017 Extended to Dec. 15, 2017.

The abbreviated abstract should follow instructions outlined in the general call for abstract submission from the program committee. Submit an Abbreviated Abstract

Extended abstracts should be submitted directly to the Cottam Awards chair.   The extended abstract must be <3 pages, double‐spaced 10‐12 pt., and in the style and format of the Journal of Wildlife Management (JWM). Abstracts should include a statement of objectives, brief description of methods used, concise presentation of results, and a summary of conclusions and inferences drawn. Do not include tables, appendices, or a literature cited section.

Judging of extended abstracts will be based on:
1. Significance and originality of ideas.
2. Creativity of research design and implementation.
3. Quality of methodology, including statistical analyses.
4. Validity of conclusions drawn from the results.

Questions can be directed to the Cottam Awards chair.


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